Esa Tolonen

Esa Tolonen

EY Finland, EY-Parthenon, Partner

Esa Tolonen is Partner in EY-Parthenon in Finland.

Areas of focus Consulting
Office Helsinki, FI

Esa Tolonen is a Partner in EY-Parthenon in Finland and a talent leader in Strategy and Transactions in Finland. He has been consulting for over 15 years and has focused mainly for transactions since 2014. His main clients include Finnish and Nordic Private Equity companies. Esa has M.Sc. (econ) and CEMS MIM degrees from Helsinki School of Economics. 

How Esa is building a better working world

"I am helping my clients to acquire, develop and sell viable growing companies and support them in creating successful value creation stories.

Internally I am building a winning team that enables combining the most challenging and interesting client cases, fast learning and dynamic working environment with balanced personal life for the best talent."

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