A photographic portrait of Jonathan Chesebrough
Cloud is transforming businesses. To fully realize the benefits, use it as an enabler to change underlying processes. If you just make it about the tech, you could miss most of the story.

Jonathan W. Chesebrough

EY UK CFO Consulting Partner

25 years of experience in banking and consulting. Londoner. Father of two.

As a Partner in the EY UK CFO Consulting practice, Jonathan focuses on providing guidance to banks on strategic and technical topics. His area of specialization includes accounting and regulatory developments, and process improvement.

Under his guidance, the CFO Consulting team assists clients on the key agenda points of a CFO, such as cost, compliance, cognition and control. Within CFO Consulting, Jonathan also functions as the COO and heads the Banking team.

Prior to joining EY, Jonathan served as the Managing Director of a major UK bank. He has over 25 years of experience in banking and consulting.

Jonathan holds a BS degree in Accounting and Philosophy from NYU Stern School of Business, US.

How Jonathan is building a better working world

Jonathan is working toward building a better working world by helping major banks understand and implement complex accounting and regulatory requirements, such as Basel IV and IFRS 9. He’s also guiding these institutions to transform themselves to boost returns and redirect people to more value-adding and forward-looking activities. Jonathan is also passionate about the use of public cloud computing to overhaul the finance function. His current focus is on making it a process and outcome-led activity rather than a pure tech play.

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