photographic portrait of Niko Maranko
Transforming to new normal in finance and global business services requires strong leadership in digitalization, agile culture and competence shifts.

Niko Maranko

EY Finland, Consulting, Partner

Niko leads Global Business Services in Nordics and Finance Consulting in Finland.

Niko has over 20 years of experience in finance and global business services transformations from strategy to operating model design and implementations covering people & organization, processes & data models and tools & enablers. Most of Niko’s client are Nordic headquartered globally operating listed companies. 

Digitalization, business disruptions and increased investor and regulator requirements impact strongly CFO agenda & business services ways of working as core enablers of organizational value creation. Competence development and creating new culture are key enablers for successful transformation. The new normal will change how we work and benefit from virtual networks.   

How Niko is building a better working world

Competitiveness is key enabler for sustainable growth, and shared financial wellbeing enables promoting all kinds of diversity and equality in work life. Disruption is not easy, and often requires significant changes in operating models and organizations. This requires and grows new types of competences, providing new types of location and background independent career opportunities.  

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