photographic portrait of Olli Kemppinen
Valuation contain essential elements for owners and management to be able to make up to date business decisions associated with the value creation of the company

Olli Kemppinen

EY Finland, Financial Services, Head of Valuation, Modelling and Economics

Excited about helping clients in their critical business decisions incl those that increase company value. Father of two kids. Passionate about sports, have played basketball in Finnish major league.

Olli is a leader of the local Valuation, Modelling and Economics team and has extensive experience in transaction, tax and accounting driven Valuation and Business Modeling assignments as well as various advisory engagements for different industries including financial services sector.

Olli has also international work experience in banking industry as well as experience in both domestic and cross border assignments for national and international companies.

Olli has obtained a degree in Economics at the University of Surrey and has the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) Business Valuation degree. In addition, Olli has lectured in various seminars related to valuation and IFRS accounting standards.

Olli is married with two kids and enjoys spending time with family. Used to play basketball at Finland's premier level. He likes all kinds of sports, e.g. hiking.

How Olli is building a better working world

"I am helping clients in their decision making in critical business and corporate finance matters enabling financial markets to work more efficiently and transparently."

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