Photographic portrait of Peik Schulman
5G should be considered as an ecosystem-powered platform to pair with enabling technologies connecting people, machines and devices with business processes.

Peik Schulman

Director, Global Ecosystem Go-to-Market, lead, EY Finland

Excited about cross-industry innovations with emerging tech. Driver of collaboration with a motto “you are stronger as a team.”, soccer coach

Peik is an accomplished Director with expertise in cross-industry 5G, Industry 4.0, and ecosystem partnership development. With over 6 years of experience in management consulting, specializing in Digital Transformation, 5G, edge computing, and Mobile Private Networks (MPN) as part of Industry 4.0, he helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises unlock the full potential of emerging technologies and navigate the challenges of a connected world.

Peik rejoined EY in 2023 from another management consulting firm, where he worked in the TMT (Telecom, Media, and Technology) sector. Prior to his work in management consulting, he worked for emerging technology start-ups in the telecom, healthcare, and fintech industries, and spent over 10 years working with CSPs all over the world, providing solutions for their OSS and BSS challenges. Peik holds a BSc in Telecommunications or IT Science.

How Peik is building a better working world

Peik is helping building a better working world through cross industry ecosystem collaboration and emerging technologies.

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