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Pressing environmental concerns mandate immediate and systemic action from businesses for a positive, thriving future, making sustainability everybody's business. This future is built on bold actions rooted in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), a CFO-led sustainability agenda, financial services, technology, strategic business integration and a people-centric focus.

However, in this journey, companies often face substantial challenges, in navigating both regulatory compliance and business transformation. By actively navigating these complexities, companies can forge a transformative path toward sustainability without sacrificing valuable time.

Let us guide you to take your sustainability transformation to the next level with our suite of sustainability services.

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Decoding CSRD for successful implementation

The complexity of the evolving regulatory landscape demands an ongoing adaptation to changing rules and regulations, which includes an extensive understanding of the scope and implications of regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). CSRD will substantially change how companies will report on their sustainability efforts.

Define your roadmap for the new era of ESG reporting according to CSRD. 
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Learn how technology and IT solutions can support sustainability reporting. 
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Untangle the complexities of CSRD to ensure successful implementation. 
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Our latest global insights on key sustainability and ESG challenges suggest a significant disconnect between organizations' climate and corporate strategy. Are you hitting the target? 

Explore the scope of CSRD

CSRD introduces a new perspective on how ESG-related metrics need to be sourced, tracked and used in order to ultimately accelerate the shift towards net zero.

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Key implications of ESRS

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), and sector-specific, and SME-proportionate standards are shaping reporting frameworks. Learn how.

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EY Climate Risk Barometer

The 2023 Barometer reveals more companies reporting on climate but falling short of carbon ambitions. Looking ahead, three core areas will shape the reporting landscape.

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How can bold action elevate your sustainability strategy to the next level?

To enable the bold future of sustainability, transformative leaders must challenge norms, question existing paradigms, and prioritize sustainability and wellbeing in their transformative efforts.

Nordic businesses accelerating the transition

Amid changing regulations and reporting frameworks, pioneering businesses are taking bold steps, proactively embedding sustainability into their strategies. Explore their stories below.





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Our alliances

EY teams aim to embrace the bold future alongside our clients and in collaboration with alliance partners IBM, Microsoft, SAP and ServiceNow to enable businesses to take action.

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Verdantix names EY a leader in 2023 Green Quadrant

EY has been positioned as a leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant in ESG and Sustainability Consulting 2023.

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