EY People Experience Solution

EY People Experience Platform: global workforce insights tool

The EY People Experience Platform combines enterprise data providing actionable insights that deliver business results.

Where can you find deeper, ongoing insights to gauge your people’s experience and its impact on overall business performance? The EY People Experience Platform combines the people and performance data already residing across your enterprise architecture to deliver leaders actionable insights. Gain a broad view of the individual, relational and environmental factors comprising people’s day-to-day work experiences that unlock or erode value. Prioritize and optimize actions and investments, while building your organizational experience management muscle.

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Executive insight

Quickly gauge the quality of cross-functional business performance and people experience with a single aggregate metric.

Research-backed correlation

Gain understanding of what experiences drive your results by combining operational and experiential data sources.

Investment optimization

Improve impact of investment with interventions tailored to specific cohort needs.
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Expanded listening

Tune into the behavioral data your people generate daily using operating systems, combining it with operational data to create a more comprehensive look at your people’s experience at work that does not rely on endless surveys.


Prioritized investments and identification of business risks

EY People Experience Platform correlates experiences to operational KPIs, helping prioritize investment in the experiences most impacting your performance. This better delivers high-value interventions to your people and your business, while identifying and managing risks to business outcomes using trends and predictive analysis.


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Assessment against peers

The platform assesses experience health against peers and tracks trends of high-performing teams across a proprietary science-based index. Create a more complete understanding of your organization’s bright spots and areas of opportunity to gauge internal progress.


Harness technology to drive workforce value

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