Photographic portrait of Aloysius Fua
With increasing regulatory requirements, climate risks and disruptions caused by the pandemic, financial institutions who adapt continuously will build resilience in this evolving risk landscape.

Aloysius Fua

EY Asean Sustainable Finance Lead; Partner, Financial Services Assurance, Ernst & Young LLP

Trust and confidence builder in financial services ecosystem. Assurance provider to protect and promote sustainable, long-term value for stakeholders. Avid traveler.

Aloysius is the EY Asean Financial Services Sustainable Finance Lead and manages the Financial Services Extended Assurance team, focusing on internal control environment and risk management assessments of financial institutions. 

With over 15 years in EY, he has deep experience working with global and local financial institutions to advise their business and regulatory risks associated with their risk management and internal control processes. He currently serves various financial institutions as their statutory auditor, control environment and regulatory auditor, and internal auditor. He has garnered extensive experiences in a full range of banking and asset management activities, from governance, risk management (enterprise, credit, outsourcing, technology, operational, business continuity management, ESG, regulatory, AML/CFT etc.), treasury and investment activities, corporate banking, private banking, fund management, payment services to retail banking. 

He's a Certified Internal Auditor with the Institute of Internal Auditors and a practicing member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

How Aloysius is building a better working world

"Digital transformation, COVID-19, environmental risks, financial inclusion, regulatory reforms are some of the evolving risks to the financial services industry and I am building a better working world with my governance, controls, risk management and regulatory assurance experiences to establish trust amongst the stakeholders in the financial services ecosystem and foster inclusive economic growth that benefits all stakeholders."

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