Martin Wiedemann
Digitalization will change and disrupt every element of the value chain. It will also completely transform the internal audit function. This will fundamentally change what we audit and how we audit.

Martin Wiedemann

EY Global Virtual Internal Audit (EY VIA) Activation Lead, Cofounder of EY VIA

Internal audit innovation driver. Developing the internal audit of the future is nothing but creating the art of the possible. Opinion leader for internal audit. Former military pilot. Soccer maniac.

Martin is EY Global Virtual Internal Audit (EY VIA) Activation Lead and cofounder of EY VIA. He has extensive experience in auditing and consulting, especially in internal audit functions, internal control systems and risk management.

Having joined EY in 1999, he has international experience working in our Basel, London, Doha, Moscow and Stuttgart/Freiburg offices.

Martin studied Business Economics at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. 

How Martin is building a better working world

“In my daily interactions with clients, I help them develop their version of the digital internal audit function. I inspire clients with alternate views on the application of tools, enablers and methodologies. By thinking about audits in a new light they can increase the value they provide to their organization. There is only one question every Chief Audit Executive has to ask every day. ‘How can I make my function more relevant to my key stakeholders?’ With my help they find better answers to this question.”

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