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With digital disruption comes opportunities and risks. Business models, technology and the workforce must evolve for the enterprise to be agile and resilient.

Rajesh Kottul

Partner, Consulting Leader, PT Ernst & Young Indonesia

Experienced strategic transformation professional. Family man, people person. Enjoys playing badminton and listening to music.

Rajesh advises conglomerates and businesses across many sectors — including telecommunications, utilities, consumer products and retail — on the business and technological implications of expanding into new markets and building sustainable and profitable organizations.

He is passionate about helping companies build core competencies around the latest digital trends to support their growth ambitions. He is highly experienced in strategic transformation projects relating to the enterprise, digital, procurement, enterprise resource planning, customer experience, HR and payroll, uberization, and custom apps.

Before joining the firm, Rajesh worked with various global consulting and technology companies in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East over a career spanning three decades.

He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University, India.

How Rajesh is building a better working world

Companies seeking to expand into new markets face an interplay of technological and business considerations that must be addressed at a strategic level.

Indonesia is a fast-growing economy with significant growth opportunities for agile and ambitious enterprises. By tapping into my extensive strategic transformation experience across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East, I help enterprises to identify and seize opportunities to ride the next wave of growth, powered by innovation, technology and talent. When these enterprises thrive, they create meaningful job impact on the local communities.

As I seek to help clients drive their growth and transformation, I am also passionate about leveraging these opportunities to enable our EY teams to hone their competencies and develop their careers in EY.

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