Photographic portrait of Wasim Khan
Transformation needs to be injected within the DNA of all professionals. With agility, connectivity and engagement, we’re learning to innovate our own business and advising our clients to do the same.

Wasim Khan

EY MENA Consulting Leader

Shaping the future of consulting. Addressing client challenges and enabling cross–sector convergence in the digital age. Learning from the younger generation, including my children, on innovation.

Wasim leads a team of over 700 Consulting professionals across the MENA region, providing services to public and private sector organizations across a variety of industries including government, financial services, energy, real estate, hospitality and construction, consumer products, telecommunications and technology.

Prior to his current role, he was the COO & Deputy Leader for Advisory services MENA overseeing the markets function, competencies build out and operations for advisory practice across the region.

Wasim obtained his BBA and MBA degrees in the US.

How Wasim is building a better working world

“I strongly believe that transparency builds trust. When you have trust, you build stronger teams that work with a shared purpose and common set of goals to succeed as a team. The outcome is better for everyone and I passionately strive to apply this with our consulting team across the region. I regularly host teaming events across the region to ensure that we are all working towards the same vision together by virtue of which make a difference to our clients.”

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