Three entrepreneurs who are lighting the path toward economic vitality

5 minute read 2 Dec 2021
By Stasia Mitchell

EY Global Entrepreneurship Leader

Envisioning equitable entrepreneurship by embracing diversity. Fostering a global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Striving to build a world that works better for all.

5 minute read 2 Dec 2021

The latest EY documentary on CNBC, “The Unstoppables 2,” reveals how the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs are building a better working world.

In brief
  • In this latest EY documentary, three visionaries show how they are reframing the future and tackling the world’s greatest challenges.
  • In candid conversations with leading global journalists, JungJin SEO, Mate Rimac and Carla Walker-Miller reveal insights to fuel your own ambitions and growth. 
  • Produced in collaboration with CNBC Catalyst, “The Unstoppables 2” is available on demand and on CNBC television in over 100 markets around the world.

What does it mean to be unstoppable in a world where challenges only get more complex and conditions never stop evolving? As any entrepreneur will say, being unstoppable is having the vision to see opportunity in volatility, the ambition to bring that opportunity to life, and the drive to persevere when the going gets tough.  

That’s why I am so excited for you to meet three of the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs in our latest documentary, “The Unstoppables 2,” produced in collaboration with CNBC Catalyst: JungJin SEO, Mate Rimac and Carla Walker-Miller. As we stand at a critical point of transformation, their stories inspire, motivate and reveal insights that can ignite our own ambitions and help light the path toward economic vitality and resilience. 

In this engaging documentary, these remarkable innovators share their experiences and valuable lessons about remaining resolute in the face of adversity. An acclaimed broadcaster and host of the documentary, June Sarpong, is joined by an international team of reporters who explore the stories behind each entrepreneur to reveal the inspiration that fuels their purpose.

  • Documentary host: June Sarpong

    Photographic portrait of June Sarpong

    June Sarpong OBE is an established television executive, author and entrepreneur. Her storied career in broadcasting has included interviews with major politicians, celebrities, activists and the Royal Family. Since 2019, she has worked as the first Director of Creative Diversity at BBC.

    A passionate advocate for change in the workplace and a champion for greater representation throughout the media, Sarpong has built a reputation for leadership on diversity and inclusion issues. Her entrepreneurial spirit fueled her decision to cofound the WIE Network (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise), which connects and empowers ambitious women to advance their professional goals. 

    In 2020, she was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services in broadcasting.




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The world’s most unstoppable entrepreneurs reveal what it takes to realize ambition and reframe our future. Watch the full documentary on CNBC television or on demand at

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JungJin SEO: embracing challenges as opportunities to advance affordable health care

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2021 JungJin SEO of South Korea embodies a potent combination of purpose and resilience. After losing his job in the automotive industry at the age of 45, SEO was inspired to forge a new path in the pharmaceutical industry. He emerged as a self-taught entrepreneur, going on to create Celltrion Group, now a leading global biopharmaceutical firm. 

Under his direction, Celltrion Group has unlocked vital advances in affordable treatment of breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and influenza, along with innovations in the use of antibodies to treat powerful viruses. 

Now, as he begins a new chapter as Celltrion’s Honorary Chairman, SEO shares his perspective on working with the next generation to build on the legacy of his company’s trailblazing achievements. In conversation with Jennifer Moon, one of South Korea’s leading reporters, SEO reveals what inspired him to make a radical change of direction and reshape the future of medicine and health care. When asked about his future aspirations as an entrepreneur, SEO describes how he “will strive to complete building the next generation health care model and show it to the world,” continuing to turn his dreams into a reality. 

Connect online by visiting Celltrion's LinkedIn page.

JungJin SEO, Founder and Honorary Chairman, Celltrion Group

JungJin SEO, Founder and Honorary Chairman, Celltrion Group

  • Reporter biography: Jennifer Moon

    Photographic portrait of Hajar Nadhirah

    Jennifer Moon is the Managing Editor at South Korea’s Arirang television network, which is the latest role in a long and award-winning career in journalism and documentary filmmaking. She appears regularly on BBC World and Germany’s DW as a contributor on Asian affairs and financial markets and is frequently called upon to moderate international panels and events.  One of these panels included a discussion on artificial intelligence at WEF 2016 in Davos, which featured speakers on robotics, ethics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    An alumna of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Moon’s previous roles include news anchor at Arirang, senior business editor of "Business Today" and news presenter at SBS.



Mate Rimac: revolutionizing the automotive industry through passion and cutting-edge innovation

The documentary also gets behind the wheel with the unstoppable Mate Rimac, who turned his passion for tinkering with cars into a mission to create the world’s most advanced all-electric vehicles. He found The Rimac Group at 21 years old, and two years later, the company developed the world’s first true electric hypercar, the Rimac Concept_One. 

Today, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2017 Croatia is continuing to revolutionize the global automotive industry with sustainable technology innovations, supplying high-performance batteries and electric car components for the world’s most influential automotive brands.  

Joined by Nicki Shields, CNN journalist and presenter of BBC’s Formula E racing show, Rimac takes us inside his state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Croatia to reveal how he is navigating the fast-paced world of sustainable mobility technology. He also shares some of the lessons he has learned en route to his journey’s latest milestone — taking control of a legendary brand to create Bugatti Rimac d.o.o. Leading the newly formed company as CEO, Rimac aims to unite his track record of technical expertise and agile operations with Bugatti’s 110-year heritage and engineering performance. 

Connect online by visiting Mate Rimac's LinkedIn profile.

Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO, Rimac Group

Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO, Rimac Group

  • Reporter biography: Nicki Shields

    Photographic portrait of Nicki Shields

    A scientist by background, Nicki Shields is best known for her work as a television presenter. This includes her work with BBC’s electric street racing series FIA Formula E Championship and as anchor of "CNN Supercharged" as well as "Going Green," CNN’s flagship environment program. She regularly presents other automotive shows including ITV’s "Goodwood Festival of Speed" and "Goodwood Revival" shows and is seen across other broadcast channels including Channel 5 and Sky Sports.

    A science communicator who is passionate about science, technology and the environment, Shields is also active as a host of live events and her popular YouTube channel.



Carla Walker-Miller

Carla Walker-Miller shares how O’Shea Solar Park, a 2-megawatt solar array in the heart of Detroit, inspires the community.

Carla Walker-Miller: fueling the great energy transition through values-driven leadership

We are also introduced to Carla Walker-Miller, the inspiring founder and CEO of Detroit-based Walker-Miller Energy Services, one of the largest African American- and female-owned energy waste reduction firms in the United States. Walker-Miller positioned her business to catalyze momentum in the transition from fossil fuels to greener energy, earning her the award for Entrepreneur Of The Year Michigan and Northwest Ohio Region in 2017. In this documentary, she shares her vision for a more sustainable future of energy and reveals how the energy transformation of Detroit may be just the beginning. 

As an entrepreneur, she has demonstrated a relentless commitment to diversifying the workforce, advocating for greater representation of Black people and people of color, women and historically underrepresented communities. Her initiatives have ranged from setting up an industry-leading minimum wage, to implementing her company’s bold “second chance” initiative to creating fair employment opportunities for previously incarcerated citizens. 

Speaking candidly with Lauren Maillian — herself a renowned entrepreneur, accelerating economic growth for Black and Latinx women innovators — Walker-Miller shares how her personal values have guided her company’s growth journey. 

Connect online by visiting Carla Walker-Miller's LinkedIn profile.

Carla Walker-Miller, Founder and CEO, Walker-Miller Energy Services

Carla Walker-Miller, Founder and CEO, Walker-Miller Energy Services

  • Reporter biography: Lauren Maillian

    Photographic portrait of Lauren Maillian

    Lauren Maillian is a marketing and branding executive, technology investor advisor and serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO of digitalundivided, a social startup that uses technology, data and advocacy to foster economic growth among Black and Latinx women founders.

    An active angel investor and change agent committed to diversity, innovation, equity and inclusion, Maillian was the first Black woman to start an early-stage venture capital fund, and she has advised and invested in over 40 startups.



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Airing on CNBC television in more than 100 markets around the world and on demand at, “The Unstoppables 2” provides actionable insights and practical solutions that will  inspire, excite and re-energize your own growth. Forget out-of-the-box thinking, this is out-of-this-world perspective to help you reframe your future. Now is the time for courage — to embrace diversity, to foster belonging, to reduce inequalities — so we can revitalize the economy and build a world that works better for all. These unstoppable innovators help shine a light on the path ahead to help inspire us all.

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By Stasia Mitchell

EY Global Entrepreneurship Leader

Envisioning equitable entrepreneurship by embracing diversity. Fostering a global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Striving to build a world that works better for all.