Photographic portrait of Milan Knarse
In a complex and rapidly changing world, companies must manage their performance holistically. We help them master the balancing act between cost management and innovation for a successful future.

Milan Knarse

EY GSA Strategy and Transactions Partner

Steady in mission-critical situations, especially when facing earnings and profitability challenges.

Milan is a member of the Reshaping Results leadership team of the German-speaking GSA (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) Region and a partner in the Corporate Restructuring team.

Within the Reshaping Results team, he helps bring together the full knowledge and experience of the EY organization to offer clients a holistic approach to performance management to create value in all situations along the value lifecycle. He is responsible for supporting clients with strong liquidity and operational challenges to preserve the value of their company — mainly in the automotive and renewable energy sectors.

During more than 14 years in management consulting, Milan has gathered extensive experience in performance improvement, transformation and turnaround situations.

He holds an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

How Milan is building a better working world

Milan has experience leading companies back to a successful future in times when they are facing critical situations. When options decrease and pressure increases, time is limited and courage required. Together with his teams, Milan has provided the support and backing decision-makers need to take responsibility and make decisions quickly and confidently in transformation, turnaround or performance improvement programs.

For Milan, building a better working world includes contributing to a stable economy, secure workplaces and strong business performances.

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