A photographic portrait of Robert Smith

Robert S. Smith

EY Trade Connect Leader

Experienced at helping companies to manage their global indirect tax function in developing and developed markets.

Robert is the EY Trade Connect Leader. Having been with EY for 17 years, he built the China indirect tax practices into a team of over 90 people that includes former officials, lawyers, accountants and industry experienced professionals.

In addition to a wide range of VAT/GST experience, Robert has customs and global trade knowledge dealing with indirect tax issues around the world. He also has experience in global trade cost savings initiatives, VAT risk management, indirect tax processes, compliance, controversy and many other areas. 

Recognized as a leader in indirect taxes, he is a frequent speaker at conferences on global VAT and customs issues, has written numerous thought leadership reports and has led many global webcasts around the topics of VAT/GST and global trade.      

Robert received a BS and MS in Professional Accounting from Brigham Young University. 

How Robert is building a better working world

Robert spearheads the development of many new service offerings to help his clients, including China Customs training, a VAT diagnostics tool, a China VAT compliance tool and “VAT School” educational services to raise the level of awareness and technical knowledge among his clients responsible for managing indirect taxes.

Across the Asia-Pacific region, he has worked closely with the Tax and Customs Authorities on VAT/GST and customs policy developments. EY professionals regularly provided technical input and international perspective on certain important indirect tax technical matters so the Authorities could make more informed policy decisions. Robert developed and provided technical trainings presented to Customs Authorities in various countries to increase awareness of the difficult commercial issues faced by businesses operating in Asia-Pacific.

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