Photographic portrait of  Sheri Hinish
Every person, every action, no matter how small, contributes to the tapestry of transformation. It's a collective dance of diverse minds and hearts, moving toward a shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Sheri Hinish

EY Global Consulting Sustainability, Technology and Ecosystems Leader

Purpose-driven leader. Rebel and eternal student. Supply chain queen. Rethinks and builds future-fit enterprises. Diversity, equity and inclusion advocate.

Sheri is the Global Consulting Sustainability Technology and Ecosystems Leader across sectors, service lines, alliances, sustainability solutions, and digital ventures. She serves clients in their journey to net zero, supporting transformations across ESG data and regulatory reporting, sustainable supply chain and circular transition, and innovation in decarbonization by bringing the best in sustainability services across the breadth of EY and its partnerships.

In her previous organization, Sheri led sustainability services, alliances, and strategy. She has advocated throughout her career for diversity, inclusion and representation in STEM.

Sheri has a master’s degree in Sustainability from Harvard University, a master’s in Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University, and numerous industry awards as top executive and influencer in sustainability and supply chain.

She lives in Clarksville, Maryland with her husband Ray, three children, and dog. She enjoys gardening, nature bathing on the eastern shore, and volunteering her time teaching and podcasting.

How Sheri is building a better working world

Sheri’s purpose is simply to make a meaningful impact for the clients, colleagues, partners, and communities she serves. She helps customers design and build sustainable enterprises and ecosystems using ethical innovation to strategically champion stewardship, and create change that is impactful, equitable, and responsible.  

Her vision is to change the world through shared purpose and sustainability, circularity, and building technology grounded in the principles of sustainable development.

With deep industry expertise, ecosystem partnerships and proven methods, Sheri’s expertise in Sustainability Services guides and advises clients on their journey to embed sustainability into an organization’s operations and culture. 

Sheri is a catalyst for change in building a better working world and driven by action and purpose to forge a sustainable future.

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