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Our Managed Services for tax and legal can help financial services firms across Europe meet the increasing risk, regulatory and cost pressures particular to their jurisdictions. Transitioning non-core tasks to a managed service frees up leaders to create improved value, focus on driving innovation and make better, data-led, business decisions. 

What EY can do for you 

Tax and legal teams are facing waves of different pressures. They often need to manage the speed and scale of regulatory change domestically, across Europe, and globally, covering topics such as BEPS 2.0,  the EC’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) and the EU’s increased focus on sustainability and tax. This needs to be balanced with the increasing volume of data, the increased risk and cost this expansion drives, whilst also competing for experienced talent, and introducing the right technology for greater efficiency and gains.  

There is an opportunity for European tax and legal functions to transform, to deal with these pressures and to become a proactive strategic business partner, not just a support function. And this is where managed services can play a part.

  • EY Managed Services

    EY teams can help you reimagine your tax and legal operating model to keep pace with European regulatory change, technology and talent demands, by leveraging EY’s technology, people and process. Using a global delivery model, EY teams can support your financial services business.

    Outsourcing day-to-day operational challenges and streamlining data management can allow for significant time savings and gives you the power to shape strategy and deliver long-term value.

    EY Alliance and Ecosystems Relationships allow the EY organization to build market-leading platforms that can securely turn your data into insights to help make informed, data-led business decisions and assist with controlling costs. Using leading technology infrastructure, AI and process automation, we can present a single access dashboard of your tax and law data, with enhanced security. 

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