Photographic portrait of Jon Copestake
Perceptions of value are changing, and consumer expectations will only accelerate. Companies must find new ways to define and measure the value they deliver, otherwise they risk irrelevance.

Jon Copestake

EY Global Consumer Senior Analyst

Consumer Futurist. Comic collector. WW1 poetry fan. Semi-retired marathon runner. Husband. Father.

Jon is a Senior Consumer Analyst specializing in exploring trends for programs such as FutureConsumer.Now, The Future Consumer Index and The Future of Retail. He provides insights to help inform the strategies of consumer products and retail companies.

Before joining EY, Jon spent 18 years as a chief retail and consumer analyst at a leading B2B publisher.

He has been widely quoted by the media and often speaks at trade events. He also wrote about the consumer industry outlook in “The world to 2050” a book tracking long term global megatrends.

How Jon is building a better working world

“I believe in looking forward not backwards, to see how things can be changed rather than how they have changed.

In my previous role, I helped to measure and improve the “liveability” and affordability of cities. Now at EY, the work I do helps clients unlock long term value and deliver a positive impact on both people and the planet. To me these will be critical to building a better working world as we cannot improve a world that we cannot live in.”

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