A photographic portrait of Pierre-Jean Forrer
Conducting IT & SAP consulting practice and according business development, meeting business & transformation requirements with value creation, and delivering results to expectations with innovative solutions.

Pierre-Jean Forrer

EY Luxembourg Principal, Government and Public Sector Leader

Hard work, high expectations, disruptive and pragmatic approach, committed projects.

Along with leading a Technology Transformation Consulting team, Pierre-Jean is the EY Luxembourg Government & Public Sector (GPS) Market Leader.

He oversees organizing and bringing all expected added value to local Luxembourg GPS clients and the European Union’s institutions. In addition, he is responsible for managing the EY Luxembourg solutions and services stakeholders for their go-to-market activities, ensuring a proper understanding of the sector’s context and history, enabling preparations and client conversations, to facilitate value proposition delivery.

Relying on the EY principle “Building a Better Working World”, EY Luxembourg is trying to bring EY Strategic Pillar Solutions to GPS: digitization solutions and services, capital infrastructure solutions, climate change and sustainability transitions, organization and workforce transformations, cybersecurity and data privacy.

With more than 30 years of experience, Pierre-Jean has worked successively for various investment banking and money markets trading/credit operations, for a major oil exploration and finance controlling of production sites, and for several information system transformation consulting services. He has applied his competencies and skills to a wide range of organizations, such as large corporates and multinationals, small and medium services and manufacturing companies, technology and fintech start-ups, but also at international public organizations, and local public sector entities in France, the Middle East and Luxembourg (Ministries, Administrations, Public owned corporates).

With diverse types of projects and initiatives, he is supporting organizations, value chains, business processes, IT systems, and regulations transformation enablement.

Graduated from the University Clermont Auvergne with a Bachelor´s degree in Finance & Controlling, Accounting, Management and Economics Science.

How Pierre-Jean is building a better working world

By supporting EY's young talents and high potentials in their knowledge and experience acquisition. Developing solid team configuration, and collaboration, for efficient and transparent client service.

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