Digital strategy consulting

EY-Parthenon professionals design and help deliver digital strategy. We provide clients with distinct, innovative, sustainable, data-driven services to help fuel future growth, optimize current digital competencies and accelerate digital and business transformation.

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Case study: How a Nordic SaaS player unlocked potential in a global lockdown

A bold strategy and deep, multi-disciplined M&A experience turned “it can’t be done” into a sale that facilitated outstanding outcomes.

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

How can M&A strategy help regional business grow in a global crisis?

An initial approach from an acquiror turned into two deals to complete a reverse merger, and all during a global pandemic.

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Fishing boats in fjord, Austnesfjorden, Norway
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

A bold strategy, deep sector knowledge, and broad M&A capabilities were key

By being bold and innovative, EY teams transformed the bid process to create a smooth and engaging experience for seller and buyer alike.

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Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Intelligent M&A can transform the market, creating value for all

Not only did this deal win value for the client; it also smoothed the way for market consolidation across tech players in the Nordics.

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The Fredvang Bridges in the setting sun, Lofoten, Norway

What EY-Parthenon digital strategy consulting teams can do for you

In a competitive, results-driven world, leveraging digital technology and solutions is no longer a consideration. It is a must. Not only can it help optimize your current business, it also unlocks opportunities to adapt and transform the organization for future sustainable growth.

However, success isn’t guaranteed. A reported 70% of digital initiatives fail to meet their objectives. Reasons include conflicting priorities, failure to scale, misaligned processes or KPIs and more. The EY-Parthenon digital business strategy teams, keenly aware of pitfalls, works closely with you to overcome such threats.

We have a deep and strong understanding of technology, data, cultural transformation and process change. Combined with our in-depth vision and practical sector knowledge, we will work with you to explore, design and help execute a unique digital strategy that fits your business. Enabling you to respond at scale to early signs of disruption, creating value from data and technology and establishing a new source of growth that will differentiate your business from your competitors.

We can help you develop the digital strategies you need to achieve your objectives by answering your most pressing questions:

Grow: creating emerging sources of revenue

  • How do I identify new revenue opportunities to support my growth?
  • How can I use data and technology to transform my business?
  • How do I define the roadmap to my digital transformation?
  • How can I build my future business outside the core?

Optimize: wiring the core of the business

  • How do I deploy and leverage emerging technology to optimize and automate my core business?
  • How do I utilize data and technology to continuously adapt to the ongoing changes of the macro forces?
  • How can I leverage digital technology to achieve my sustainability goals?

Accelerate: leaping to create value from digital

  • What digital investment strategy will fit my business?
  • How do I identify the right digital investment target or partner?
  • How do I integrate a digital venture into my (core) business?

No matter where your organization is on the digital journey, with the vast global EY network and its wide range of services, our team will support you from origination through implementation of your digital strategy.

EY-Parthenon digital strategy consulting services

EY-Parthenon professionals help deliver a broad range of digital strategy capabilities, including:

  • Digital strategy consulting for growth

    • Digital strategy – developing a proactive, future-back digital strategy that is aligned to your strategic imperatives. From driving efficiencies in the core to defining new business models or transforming your existing business with new digital capabilities – through buy, build partner or investment levers. Offerings include digital maturity index, scenario planning, business model innovation, plausible futures or sector convergence, and digital inorganic growth strategy
    • Data strategy and monetization – supporting value creation by harnessing and leveraging your data and analytics to build insightful information to help you optimize your business. Offerings include digital transformation programs and software to Software as a Service (SaaS) transitions
    • Digital ventures – advising and supporting the Corporate Venturing Capital (CVC) creation and network facilitation with start-ups to accelerate digital innovation. Offerings include corporate venture spinouts and venture capital setup
  • Digital strategy consulting for optimization

    • Digitized front-end delivery – developing a digital strategy to enhance and digitize your existing front-end capabilities to help you maximize your potential growth. Offerings include direct channel strategy, automated marketing and pricing and digital customer experience
    • Automated operations – analyzing your current operational approach and capabilities and identifying opportunities to digitize and help you enhance your operational efficiencies. Offering includes digital supply chain, intelligent automation (e.g., RPA) and emerging technology (AI, IoT, blockchain)
    • Dual operating model and platform design – digital business model, governance and geolocation strategies (e.g., IP)
  • Digital strategy consulting for acceleration

    • Digital M&A – identifying opportunities as well as evaluating and executing digital deals to support your company’s inorganic growth. Offerings include pre-deal diligence (software, cyber, IT), future value validation (sell-side) and integration planning (preserve or integrate)
    • Partnerships and digital ecosystem design – analyzing threats and opportunities and identifying a number of best-fit acquisition and partnership options across your value chain and through start-ups and innovation ecosystems. Offerings include market scan, ecosystem definition and M&A playbook development
    • Digital value creation – helping to optimize your digital solutions to ensure value creation and generate ROI. Offerings include portfolio assessments, digital development cycle strategy and operational implementation

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