Family enterprise

Unlocking ambition in family-owned enterprises from one generation to the next.

Family enterprise owners face unique challenges as they balance their ambition to grow with the effort to build the family legacy.

The EY approach to working with family enterprises is anchored in the EY Family Enterprise DNA Model. This model supports both the personal and business performance agendas of family enterprise leaders by pinpointing four key areas of focus to achieve their ambitions: family, values, business and assets. We combine our understanding of these focus areas with decades of experience working as trusted advisors to the world’s most entrepreneurial families to create a framework for guided conversations on topics that matter most to family enterprise owners.

Our experience, authority and global leadership platforms such as EY NextGen support families as they grow from generation to generation.

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EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence Class of 2023

We are delighted to celebrate the recipients of the EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence, an honor that recognizes excellence in family businesses. 

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EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence

Celebrate with us this honor of excellence in family enterprise, and meet the current award recipients.

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EY NextGen

Global leadership platform for next generation C-suite and board members in family enterprise and private capital.

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Ninety percent of EY clients are private, yielding experience that’s practical and deep.

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