Digital transformation services for the EU

EY teams bring together global experience, access to talent and the latest digital solutions to support the EU in its continuous digital transformation. 

What EY can do for you

EY EU eGov Hub, coordinated from Brussels, brings together thousands of EY government and public sector professionals across EU countries to help the European Commission meet its ambition of shaping “a Europe fit for the digital age.”

EY experience with digital transformation projects for governments around the world can help the EU accelerate its eGovernment agenda within the European Commission and EU member states. By providing technology at speed and keeping humans at the center, EY teams can help enable digitization across European institutions, companies and citizens.

The EU eGov Hub can help EU institutions answer the following questions:

  • What does citizen service innovation look like for governments?
  • How can emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc., help government and the public sector focus on putting humans at the center of their strategy and everyday business operations?
  • What are the organizational and legal implications of service innovation and introduction of emerging technologies for governments and citizens?

EY services include:

  • Digital strategy to guide the European Commission in Europe’s transformation and deploying technology at speed for the EU member states
  • Digital journey and service design to help design integrated and human-centric user journeys and services spanning physical and digital environments across multiple institutions
  • Cloud and technology transformation to help ensure Europe benefits from the latest data-driven capabilities and next-generation technologies, leading to cost improvement and service resilience
  • Digital transformation management to structure digital transformation through analytical frameworks, the implementation support of scalable solutions and project management methods and processes
  • Data and analytics services offering data management, including data storage and data lakes, data governance and analytics tools that help enable better decision-making
  • Transformative public sector focused (tested) solutions to help EU institutions embrace technologies, such as artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, while maintaining a human-centric, ethical approach focused on results.

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