Structural reform and cohesion services for the EU

Structural reform and cohesion EY services help the EU member states with their growth-enhancing reforms to achieve sustainable investment, growth and job creation.

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What EY can do for you

Structural reforms are aimed at achieving sustainable investment, growth and job creation. They are designed to boost an economy’s competitiveness, growth potential and adjustment capacity across EU member states.

EY teams support the European Commission’s structural reform programs in a variety of fields, including revenue administration and public financial management; rule of law; investment climate; public assets; energy union and climate issues; education; health care; labor-market issues; financing and access to finance; and insolvency digital agenda.

EY services include:

  • Carrying out in-depth preparatory assessments and designing the implementation support of reforms
  • Providing quantified, clear and actionable reform implementation support plans
  • Analyzing any regulatory or legal requirements/impediments to be bridged
  • Building technical capacity to help public sector employees build more effective institutions, stronger governance frameworks and efficient public administrations
  • Communicating the impact and outcomes of the reforms

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