Talent services for the EU

EY teams can help EU institutions develop both their own workforce and the workforces of EU countries, putting people at the heart of economic growth.

What EY can do for you

Talent is a cornerstone of the EU institutions’ agenda. The continuous advancement of education and training is of profound importance for the bloc’s future.

The EU institutions believe that the best investment in Europe’s future is in its people. An ever-changing working world means that the institutions need to re-think their own organizations and train their workforce, while ensuring European citizens are equipped with the necessary skills to sustain economic growth.

The European Commission designs programs aimed at its own workforce and at citizens working in EU countries, especially to teach entrepreneurial and digital skills.

EY teams have experience in working with governments all around the world to design and manage workforce change at strategic and operational level, which can speed up the European Commission’s agenda to develop the next generation of workers.

EY services include:
  • Train citizens in EU countries through programs designed by the European Commission; for example, provide training on entrepreneurship to women, or train national employment services on employment policies and international mobility.
  • Design and carry out learning and development activities (e.g., events, courses, leadership and management training) to help European Commission employees and EU agencies develop new skills.
  • Design new organizational structures and manage workforce change to build resilience and agility by considering EU goals, as well as existing structures and relationships with other organizations.

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