Jiang Peizhen

President, General Manager and Senior Economist, Golden Throat Group


Winning women Asia-Pacific Jiang Peizhen

Guangxi Golden Throat Group, a pharmaceutical and health products company, is among the top 50 traditional Chinese medicine businesses in China. The Golden Throat Lozenge, its feature product, has enjoyed the biggest market share among like products in China for almost 20 years. It is approved by the US  Food and Drug Administration, the European Union COM, the Therapeutic Goods Association of the Australian Government, the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, and the Ministry of Health of Indonesia, and is exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including the US, Canada, the European Union, Australia, South Africa and Southeast Asia. 

During the 50 years under her management, Jiang has been dedicated to building a company and brand that can endure. The Golden Throat Lozenge became a famous product nationwide in 2005, and was ranked 263 in “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in 2010 with a value of 3.412 billion RMB. 

Jiang was one of the Beijing Olympics torchbearers and a guest of the 60th anniversary military parade. She has been twice awarded with the National Labor Medal, and has been selected as one of China’s Top 10 Women of Distinction, the Top 10 Brand China (Women), China’s Brand Building Leader, National March 8th RedBanner Pacesetters, 100 Women in the News during the 30 Years since China’s Reform, and National Spark Entrepreneur, etc. Many party and government leaders have met with Jiang, including President Hu Jintao. Jiang is the Vice President of the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs and of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC).