Corinne Bot

Founder and CEO, Polyglot Group


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Corinne is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Polyglot Group, a leading global boutique consultancy, headquartered in Sydney, Australia.  

While working in a recruitment agency, she discovered the business opportunity of assisting foreign organizations expanding to Australia, with bilingual or bicultural recruitment. Now, with over 20 years of experience, Corinne serves her clients with a full spectrum of human-centered services, such as HR consulting and outsourcing, talent acquisition, and payroll outsourcing. 

Starting out as a one-person company, Polyglot Group now has a pool of numerous talented individuals from all over the world. Corinne has led the business to expand globally to areas including Europe, the US and Africa. Corinne is a strong advocate of diversity and believes that it is necessary for leaders to be active in their communities. She is a trade advisor for the French Government and a leader among the French community in Australia.  

Corinne has won numerous awards for her work over the years, including the Legion of Honour Medal (equivalent to the Order of Australia) in 2016, as well as the NSW Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2010. She continues to be an ardent supporter of entrepreneurship and business partnerships. Alongside her entrepreneurial success, she considers her children as her biggest personal achievement. Corinne thus continues her journey of “bringing humanity back to business,” and creating a world where there are no cultural boundaries for organizations and where people can grow. 

“We aim to bring humanity back to business by working toward a more collaborative, diverse and open world — one where cultural boundaries are no longer barriers — so that businesses and their people may expand and grow.”