Jinye Qu

President, Future Sifang Group

Greater China

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Jinye is the President of Future Sifang Group. Born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, in China, she started her career in 1980 at a state-operated textile corporation, where she worked for nine years as a Spinner. In 1989, she founded Sifang Accounting Company. She went on to establish the Future Sifang Group in 1992. In 2000, she was introduced to the idea of auction, and three years later, the company conducted its first auction. So far, Sifang has successfully held more than 2,000 auctions, which accumulates to a total value of CNY40 billion. The auction items range from real estate, land and motor vehicles to cultural relics. The company has also held nearly 100 charity auctions. Sifang Group has obtained “AAA” certification of the Chinese auction industry, and has won the Enterprise Innovation Award. After around 30 years of being in the business, Sifang Group has five business sections: auctions (assets and art), future media, overseas real estate development investment, financing and eco-agriculture. It also has two commercial parks — the Silk Road Cultural Industry Incubation Park, and the Longshanghui Cultural and Creative Industry Park. 

With over three decades of working experience, Jinye has made significant contributions to society and won many honors at the national, provincial and municipal levels. She has rich knowledge in business management practices and has always adhered to the mission of “leading the future, and benefiting near and far.”  

As a strong example of female entrepreneurs in the new era, Jinye focuses on public welfare undertakings. She is dedicated to serving her hometown of Gansu. To date, Future Sifang Group has donated more than CNY20 million to more than 3,000 individuals and disadvantaged groups. The donations include culture preservation, education improvement, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, single-mother support, left-behind children support and more. Poverty alleviation workshops have been set up in poverty-stricken areas of Gansu, establishing an e-commerce platform for agricultural products to help the poor. This includes initiatives such as the “Love Heart Wolfberry Garden” subscription, “Longyuan Qiaoshou” poverty alleviation and “Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages.” The local agricultural products in Gansu are sold everywhere, so that poor farmers can benefit from these initiatives. 

 “By making the auction business more sophisticated, we will gradually enter the cultural industry. We look forward to investing in diverse sectors to create a multidimensional development path.”