Mei Qing

Founder and Chairman, Meiqing Media Group

Greater China

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Mei, a renowned media figure in China, is the Founder of Meiqing Media Group. She has an impressive educational background with Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Brand Management. Mei is among the first Executive MBA graduates in auto marketing from Tsinghua University. Since 1999, Mei’s company focused its study on the comprehensive development of the auto industry, culture and media. Not surprisingly, Mei’s entrepreneurial success lies in these areas. 

Mei is also the producer of several magazines, including Automobile & Parts. She also hosts the TV show Autofree. Her most successful media venture is Connections, through which she gives the international audience knowledge of China’s traditional culture and introduces to Chinese people different cultures around the world. As part of the program, Mei has invited about 60 ambassadors from other countries to talk about their cultures, and the differences between China and their countries. Inside and outside of autos is another widely watched web show she does that is customized for automobile brands. 

Mei was appointed visiting professor at The Oriental Film Art Academy and her media group won the Chinese Culture Industry Leading Brand at the 2nd Boao Enterprise Forum.  

Devoted to the mission of “leading program production with strength and focusing on quality communication,” Mei believes that development happens through innovation and thus her organization can maximize its potential.

 “By focusing on Chinese cultural features, we aim to build stronger cultural confidence, enhance national cultural soft power and demonstrate the charm of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, we also seek to introduce the culture in every country to the Chinese audience.”