Rie Kawano



Winning women Asia-Pacific Rie Kawano

Rie is the CEO and founder of COGNITEE Inc., an artificial intelligence software company based in Tokyo, focusing on context classification. COGNITEE independently develops technologies to analyze logical structures of articles and conversations. The company assists clients with the quantitative analysis of data, such as “high performers,” “good teams” and “productive meetings,” which have been assessed qualitatively. Rie currently leads a global team of over 150 people, who work remotely for data setting and data cleaning.  

Rie’s entrepreneurial journey began during her teenage years when she set up a venture dedicated to sports science in the early internet era. Later, she graduated from the Keio University with a degree in Business and went on to work for Sony Corporation, followed by DeNA. While working at Sony, she majored in Telecommunication Technology from Tokyo Denki University.  

Based on Rie’s experience working at Sony, she ensures that her organization is also focused on the idea of increasing intelligence jobs. COGNITEE received the Graylock award at the TechCrunch Disrupt tech conference in San Francisco in 2018. As a successful woman entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that 80% of the employees in Rie’s company are women. 

 “Our vision is to identify cognitive biases with technology and unleash creativity. We currently are a team of over 150 people, who work remotely for data setting and data cleaning from around the globe.”