Sharon Rechtman

CIO and Owner, Total Beauty Network


Winning women Asia-Pacific Sharon Rechtman

Sharon is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and owner of Total Beauty Network (TBN), which creates and markets beauty brands. Sharon began her entrepreneurial journey in beauty brands when she launched DB Cosmetics with her husband in 2006. Today, TBN has its footprint in over 30 countries around the globe, producing cruelty-free, healthy and ethical cosmetics.  

Growing up in a highly successful entrepreneurial family, business has always been in Sharon’s blood. Prior to launching TBN, she was part of a top-tier consulting firm, where she implemented transformational projects for companies, such as Sony BMG, Toyota, Coles MYER and Telstra. This hands-on experience and her passion to learn culminated in setting up TBN. Apart from her entrepreneurial journey, Sharon has been at the forefront to bring the Arrowsmith program to Victorian schools in Australia to aid hundreds of children to overcome learning difficulties.  

In 2018, TBN won the Supplier of the Year award from TerryWhite Chemmart — Australia’s largest pharmacy group — and the Best New Natural Product at the Pure Beauty Awards.  

By leveraging TBN’s product development knowledge and unique culture, Sharon continues to introduce Australian brands to consumers around the globe who seek natural alternatives to mass beauty products without compromising on performance. With TBN’s growth and expansion, she stepped into a more focused role as CIO — leading the technological and operations side of the business. In preparation for further global expansion, Sharon is now transitioning to the role of Chief Strategic Officer.

“We want to continue to be an international market leader in the formulation and creation of healthy and ethical products. Our product development knowledge coupled with our culture help us to continue launching Australian brands across global markets.”