Shelena Serrano

Director and Operations Manager, Vekta Automation


Winning women Asia-Pacific Shelena Serrano

Shelena started her stint with Vekta to support her husband’s endeavor; however, she quickly realized that she could have a positive influence on the business and participate as an active Business Partner in her own right by leveraging strengths from her teaching background.  

As a woman with no engineering background in a male-dominated, technical industry, Shelena used to downplay her role in the success of Vekta. But this has changed today. Shelena has realized that to continue to be a successful business, Vekta cannot just rely on engineering and machines. It is also important that people work collaboratively. From the ”bookkeeper-wife role,” Shelena has taken on a strategic development role in the business, pushing Vekta’s focus beyond the technicalities and engineering, and constantly addressing avenues for the business to improve and grow. 

Outside of Vekta, Shelena has the pleasure of raising three children. She supports her local community by being part of the local school council and serving as Vice-Chairperson for Communicare, a West Australian not-for-profit organization. 

“Our vision is to become a global leader in the timber industry through technological advancement, and creating a new standard for customer support and service. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that every person working in the timber frame and truss industry is safe.”