Kara Cauter
The digital revolution sweeping financial services inevitably brings new risks, and old risks with new twists. I am focused on how regulation keeps up as technology races ahead.

Kara Cauter

EY EMEIA Capital Markets Consulting Partner; EMEIA Financial Services Compliance and Conduct Leader

Capital markets regulatory leader. Technology led transformation of compliance and control. Committed advocate of women and children. Open minded and outspoken. Gourmet gardener. Runner. Wife. Mother.

A veteran advisor to global banks providing transformational responses to regulation, Kara is a leader in the EY EMEIA Capital Markets services focused on helping large, complex financial institutions understand, respond to and manage their risks and regulatory obligations.

She is a thought leader in the market, building on 25 years as an advisor to financial services institutions, to convene industry and regulatory stakeholders in order to shape effective and efficient approaches to regulation, risk management and control.

Kara is at the forefront of efforts to educate the market about the impact of emerging technologies on the financial sector and the opportunity for these same technologies to transform how financial firms understand and manage their risks to provide better outcomes for all stakeholders.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

How Kara is building a better working world

“I am helping EY clients transform what they do, using technology to help manage risk, not just take risks. My work in the industry and with clients combines emerging technology with core principles to provide a more effective, robust framework for financial firms to meet their obligation of delivering a fair and efficient marketplace that meets the needs of all its participants.” 

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