Advanced manufacturing and mobility strategy consulting

The EY-Parthenon Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Strategy Consulting teams help clients develop and implement strategies so they can build long-term sustainable growth.

What the EY-Parthenon Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Strategy Consulting teams can do for you

Geopolitical shifts and increasing uncertainty in the global operating environment, combined with the complexity of energy transition, digital disruption and sector convergence, are impacting advanced manufacturing and mobility companies significantly. EY-Parthenon teams help businesses develop agile strategies in response to these challenges, so they are better prepared for potential divergent futures.

We have identified five key focus areas in this sector where right strategy development can be a positive differentiator between the present and the future. 

  • Digital transformation

    Advanced manufacturing

    Rapid evolution of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), the metaverse and SaaS-based industry cloud platforms have the potential to trigger significant disruption and help accelerate the next phase of digital transformation in manufacturing.


    Connected/autonomous vehicles continue driving investment from the technology sector, increasing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software spending, and fostering new ecosystems. These factors have forced OEMs to focus on reimagining sales models, retail structure, and processes to create seamless, omni-channel customer journeys and capture maximum vehicle lifetime value potential.

  • Innovative business models

    Advanced manufacturing

    Demand for connected products and ecosystem platforms are creating attractive new value pools, presenting manufacturers the opportunity to pursue innovative business models, new revenue streams, and deliver unique customer experiences.


    Shifts to service-centric business models are enlarging the value pool of mobility companies, requiring innovation in strategy, operations and dealer relationship.

  • Product and supply chain transformation

    Advanced manufacturing

    Digitally interconnected networks are achieving greater supply chain transparency and demand forecasting ability, helping enable manufacturers to decouple supply chains from high-risk regions and to bring production facilities closer to customers.


    Surging data volume creates opportunities to design new products or services, providing actionable insights to improve efficiency, maintain the value of connected assets, and support a seamless logistics network.

  • Circular economy and sustainability

    Advanced manufacturing

    Sustainability is increasingly becoming a core part of manufacturers’ business strategies and driving growth, with a focus on decarbonization/energy transition, waste reduction, and circular development processes that improve product lifecycles.


    Mobility companies are undergoing a transformative shift in value chains, investments, and business models through sustainability lens, with an increasing focus in decarbonization, circularity, materials and fuels, net-zero logistics, and supply chain updates.

  • Employee centricity

    Advanced manufacturing

    Manufacturers face labor shortages as experienced workers retire and younger workers favor other sectors.


    Digitalization and EV transition are driving OEMs to upskill their workers in software, cyber, and data science.

EY-Parthenon teams’ mission is to transform the future for advanced manufacturing and mobility companies by developing innovative and sustainable outcomes. We help deliver on this mission by leveraging expertise drawn from our Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Ecosystem, Future Mobility, Advanced Manufacturing Realized, Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Sustainability. We can help to:

  • Provide digital expertise to help maximize the benefit of new technologies in transforming commercial and operational models
  • Assist in the development of diversified business models to help improve the company’s performance and insulate against economic and geopolitical disruptions
  • Support a decarbonization strategy, waste reduction and circular development processes through better inventory management and production planning
  • Support the energy transition effort by reducing reliance on fossil fuels through energy conservation, renewable investments, alternative fuels and supply chain reorganization
  • Develop employee-centric models by addressing labor gaps, upskilling and making factory jobs safer and efficient

EY-Parthenon strategy consulting teams help advanced manufacturing and mobility clients solve their most challenging problems for a better and more sustainable future.

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EY-Parthenon Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Strategy Consulting teams support clients in realizing their growth potential.