EY–UiPath Alliance

The EY–UiPath Alliance combines the strength of EY experience in delivering programs and solutions based on robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA), and the UiPath automation platform.

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Our solutions

The robust combination of the EY global organization and UiPath automation platform helps organizations achieve greater levels of business transformation with hyper-automation.

The alliance between EY and UiPath provides organizations a unique opportunity to successfully achieve a fully automated enterprise. 

The EY network brings deep functional and sector knowledge and industry-leading IA strategy and implementation services on a global scale. 

The UiPath market-leading automation platform includes the most scalable unattended and attended RPA solution along with valuable complementary tools such as process mining and pre-built artificial intelligence AI connectors. 

Together, we help clients address issues, such as improving efficiency, increasing decision support, reducing risk, improving resilience, enhancing experiences, and increasing revenue.

  • Fully automated enterprise

    We empower our enterprise clients to achieve their digital transformation goals by utilizing four key pillars:  

    • Automate the automatable: Robots do the mundane and repeatable work 
    • Robot for every person: Robot assistants augment and empower human workers
    • Democratization of RPA: Workers can automate simple tasks with low-code apps
    • Integrate AI: Deploy AI to build smarter robots and spot every automation opportunity
  • Intelligent automation

    Together, EY teams and UiPath take a holistic transformational approach to IA. We embed IA into our broader transformations, deliver strategic end-to-end IA programs, and provide IA as an independent, managed service.

    Together we can :

    • Deliver digital accelerators such as automated code review platforms, online program health-check, and online use case catalog
    • Provide support with the network of over 600 U.S-based resources (dedicated and an extended part-time team)
    • Provide over 3,000 global IA resources (including extended teams) from the EY network
  • Customer and employee engagement

    EY helps drive transformation, leveraging the UiPath platform to improve customer and employee engagement. Together we improve the customer experience while increasing employee access to the right information to serve customers in a seamless manner.

    Transforming customer and employee engagement examples include:

    • Contact Center: Automation reduces average hold time for customer calls, improving customer service while taking out cost
    • Self-service: Chatbots empower customers while reducing call volume to improve customer experience 
    • Predictive maintenance: AI predicts which customers will have an issue tomorrow - after identifying an issue, automation fixes the problem before it happens
    • Field service dispatch management: Automation saves time for service truck roll by reducing the number of apps field technicians need to open and improving communications with customers
  • Public Sector / State and Local

    EY teams and UiPath work together to improve the delivery of services to constituents, eliminating the reliance on paper, and focus on reducing manual work. Several real-world examples include:

    • Health and human services: Automation of COVID-19 solution management, including contact tracing and vacaccine administration,  while expanding automation to other service areas  
    • AI: Leverage AI and document understanding to process over 6,000 forms daily at one agency
    • Self-service: Supporting automated vaccine finder services for state agencies, making it easier for citizens to book appointments
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