Alexander Beijer
We are building the banks of the future, helping our clients work smarter and more efficiently in order to rebuild confidence.

Alexander Beijer

EY Netherlands, Financial Services Managing Partner

Driven. Knowledgeable. Combines a human touch with solid results, and enthuses family, friends and clients with his infectious love of golf.

Alexander Beijer helps banks implement essential processes like compliance, transformations in the analog and digital realm, the introduction of new business models, risk management and process optimization.

He studied Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, which he followed up with a postdoc in Accountancy at the same university and a Registered Investment Analyst program at VU Amsterdam. He has been with EY since 1997, where he started as an auditor and moved on to the consultancy practice in 2009. In addition to his work at EY, Beijer also serves on the works council at Van Lodenstein College in Amersfoort.

“The current low interest rates, uncertain market factors like climate change and the current political climate as well as the war on talent and the rapid rise of tech disruptors: all these factors are affecting the banking sector. The question is, how can banks stay relevant and future-proof? In what sort of environment can we expect to be operating in the future? What we do is offering clients practical guidance on all these aspects. We help them develop concrete strategies, chart a course for the future and make sure that changes are genuinely embraced throughout the organization. What’s the optimal result from our perspective? We always try to reach a point where the client does not really need us anymore.”

How Alexander is building a better working world

“Bashing banks seems to be a bit of a trend. I genuinely believe that banks have an important role to play in rebuilding public trust, provided that they operate in a smart and efficiently way. That’s why we’re working with our clients to build the banks of the future. I’m not happy until they feel truly satisfied and facilitated. That result is why I do what I do.”

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