Photographic portrait of Angelique Koopman
We are constantly innovating in our audits and can thus remain relevant to our clients and society in today’s digital world.

Angelique Koopman

EY Netherlands Partner Assurance

Inquisitive. Creative. Active. Energetic. Manages the Audit Innovation, Data & Technology teams at EY Assurance.

Angelique Koopman heads up the team that deals with various types of data analysis for our audit clients. She also manages the Assurance Innovation lab that is focused on research into and development of audit innovations. She believes in “auditing empowered by technology and data analytics”, or intelligent use of technology for the application of data analysis, process mining and artificial intelligence.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Executive Informatics at VU, Amsterdam. She followed this up with two master’s degrees in Accountancy & IT Auditing. She started her career in 1994 at EY and has been working in accountancy ever since. She teaches at various universities and is working on a PhD project at Tilburg University. She is also active in the NBA data analysis working group and the NOREA IT auditing working group. 

“The application of various types of data analysis provides insights into how to perform effective audits. Automation and smart tools ensure efficient, transparent auditing processes. Innovation is of great value in staying relevant to our clients and society in today’s digital world. In addition, it also contributes to the development and improvement of quality in our specialist field.”

How Angelique is building a better working world

“My passion is continuous improvement, through the automation and modernization of auditing by the application of data analysis, process mining and emerging technology. This is how we can make business processes and financial transaction streams transparent and be able to perform effective and efficient audits. Extensive automation and the implementation of smart tools are changing how accountants work.”

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