Photographic portrait of Anita Huijmans
Diversity and inclusivity within teams make organizations, including EY, stronger.

Anita Huijmans

EY Netherlands Senior Manager & Leader Diversity & Inclusiveness

Driven. Active. Compassionate. Many people want to tell their story. The secret is to listen carefully.

Anita Huijmans promotes a more diverse and inclusive organization. She knows more than anyone else that achieving a better balance between men and women, attracting multicultural talent, defending the rights of the LGBTI+ community, and having an eye for employees facing challenges on the job market makes a company stronger from the inside out. This ensures that client demand for more diverse teams can be met.

She studied Youth and Social Work and Human Resources in Amsterdam and then worked for a few years in mental health and HR, before starting work at EY 23 years ago.

“Diversity within teams makes organizations, including EY, stronger. What effect do diversity and inclusivity have on thinking, behavior and decision-making and results? I try to make colleagues consider these questions. And, just as importantly: To look for the person behind the professional. Colleagues are more than their profession or role, they’re also partners, parents, children, friends, etc. Seeing the person behind the professional means that people can be perceived for who they are, not for what they do. Employers who do this are considered more attractive.”

How Anita is building a better working world

“Everything I do is connected to the EY motto: ‘Building a Better Working World’. Diversity and inclusivity make teams stronger, more innovative and more creative. It contributes to employee satisfaction and ensures better company results. This topic is close to my heart. You don’t always have to agree or think in the same way to still be respected by everyone. In my work, my personal motivation influences the business one.”

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