Photographic portrait of Auke de Bos
I often have more ideas than time. But, fortunately, an optimist can achieve a lot.

Auke de Bos

EY Netherlands Partner Assurance

Team player, honest. Energetic. From his executive position, he continuously contributes to the active role that accountants play in society.

Areas of focus Assurance
Office Rotterdam, NL

Auke de Bos works for EY both at national and international level, in improving accounting quality and corporate governance. He is considered a figurehead for auditing quality and a guru in the field of corporate governance.

He studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, graduated in the field of financial reporting, and has been working at EY for about 20 years now. As a professor of Business Administration at Erasmus University, he combines practice with theory.

“Accountants represent value added for the client. They contribute to ensuring a reliable financial system - the basis of our society. I provide both internal and external training and advice in this area. Combining my international practical experience (EY) and theory (Erasmus) suits me nicely. I like inspiring young people, getting them to work together and leaving them with something. I’m quite enthusiastic and often have more ideas than time. But, fortunately, an optimist can achieve a lot.”

How Auke is building a better working world

“In recent years, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the work of accountants. As a result, the commission established by the Finance Minster is advising sustainable improvement. As an accountancy firm, EY has applied a lot of measures. We also recognize the importance of continuous quality improvement, and are sharing our ideas with the commission. The accountant’s role is becoming more wide-ranging, for example, drawing attention to fraud, non-compliance and cyber risks, but also providing certainty in non-financial information on people and the environment. I enjoy speaking about social topics in order to contribute to a better world.”

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