Photographic portrait of Daniël Kroesen
I always say ‘keep things simple’. Think big, but start small.

Daniël Kroesen

EY Netherlands Partner Tax, Technology & Transformation

Pragmatic. Clear. Precise. He always looks for the best solution, and likes to keep things practical.

Areas of focus Tax
Office Amsterdam, NL

Daniël Kroesen assists organizations through tax technology solutions that make fiscal processes less error-prone, faster and more efficient. This means technologies like ERP automation, reporting solutions, RPA and machine learning.

He studied fiscal law at the University of Amsterdam and has been working at EY since 2002. He is also a guest lecturer in Tax & Technology Transformation at Erasmus University, Rotterdam and VU.

“What is the greatest challenge that organizations face nowadays? Making the right choice from all the systems on the market, which suits their needs, Including in the long term. We provide an overview, assist in implementation, and give clear advice. I always say “keep things simple”. Think big, but start small. That’s how you can be successful more quickly, and employees also get the chance to grow together with the solution.”

How Daniël is building a better working world

“In these areas, you work closely with the client. They get to know me and I get to know them. As a person, but also the company itself - including all the underlying processes. You’re dealing with their core business, which makes the work tangible. It’s fantastic when a client says: come on, let’s make a tour round the factory.”

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