Photographic portrait of Jan-Bertram Rietveld
The legislation is very detailed, and I help organizations get it right.

Jan-Bertram Rietveld

EY Netherlands Partner Tax

Pragmatic. Solution-oriented. Always keeps the interests of all concerned in mind.

Areas of focus Tax
Office The Hague, NL

Jan-Bertram Rietveld supports employers in the area of employment conditions and tax matters in the employer/employee relationship.

He studied Dutch law at Utrecht University, followed by tax law at Tilburg University. Has worked at EY since 1999, having previously spent five years as a labor union attorney, where he learned about the taxation side of labor relations. At EY, he is a partner in the Wage Taxes Advisory Group and responsible for the Thought Leadership Program within Tax. Is also a board member of the Wage Tax and Social Security Section of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB).

I mainly deal with issues relating to the work-related costs regulation (WKR), the deregulation assessment of the labor relations act (DBA) and tax-friendly remuneration. There are very detailed rules underlying all of this. I sometimes laughingly say, “There are a million little rules with four million exceptions.” It's understandable that organizations find it difficult to maintain a grip on this. I help them get it right.”

How Jan-Bertram is building a better working world

“I work in a very practical profession, where you're directly involved with people's rights. I like that, and I enjoy how broad it is. From the structure of organizations to puzzling out the legislation and regulations. All the while, you keep in constant contact with people and the Tax and Customs Administration so that all interests are well represented.”

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