Photographic portrait of Marita de Hair
I enjoy linking up all parties - both within and outside EY.

Marita de Hair

EY Netherlands Partner Assurance; Sector Leader Government; Public Sector & Infrastructure West-Europe; EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Leader

Enthusiastic. Discerning. Driven. She likes making links between all kinds of parties in the public sphere.

Marita de Hair assists organizations in performing their public duty - including governments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, housing corporations and utility companies - whilst ensuring growth and sustainable development. In this, she favors linking up entrepreneurship, government and education.

She studied auditing at Nyenrode Business University and has been working at EY since 1996. In addition to her work as an accountant, she is a sector leader in government, public sector and infrastructure in Western Europe, and program director of the EY Entrepreneur of The Year program in the Netherlands. She previously performed a range of functions at EY, including chairing the local authorities working group of the NBA.

“Bringing people in touch with one another and helping organizations to achieve (international) growth and sustainable development is my great passion. In this, I favor making links between entrepreneurship, education and government. I’ve been working very enthusiastically with organizations for years now, in achieving their aims and development, and I give them the best EY has to offer.”

How Marita is building a better working world

“As sector leader, I follow all developments closely and regularly give seminars. It’s really great to apply this to the client’s world. What can they do now in practice? I link up all parties in this respect - both within and outside EY. And I find it very satisfying to work with organizations that perform public duties. All the organizations want to bring about changes in society, whether as a municipality, a housing corporation or an educational institution.”

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