Photographic portrait of Matt Whalley
Building customer trust requires a new approach to privacy risk management.

Matt Whalley

Partner, Law, Ernst & Young LLP

Privacy geek. Father of two. Finds fun in any situation.

Areas of focus Digital Technology Risk
Office London, GB

Matt is Partner and EY Law leader in the EY Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, responsible for bringing new legal technologies to market. He’s a thought leader in legal risk and technology, and he works closely with lawyers as well as technologists to develop knowledge and insight-based solutions to common industry problems.

He has extensive experience in technology development, automation of risk decisions across the privacy risk control environment, privacy risk and legal risk management.

Matt is a published author and award-winning legal technologist.

How Matt is building a better working world

“I believe technology should empower end users, making their lives easier by enabling them to make quicker, more informed decisions. That philosophy is clear in the products I bring to market and the way in which our Law SaaS business works with clients. I am an advocate for inclusion and sustainability, a better working world needs to work for everyone.”

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