Photographic portrait of Maurice van den Hoek
I ensure trust in transactions, with my main question being: how does your investment create value?

Maurice van den Hoek

EY Netherlands Partner Strategy and Transactions

Client-oriented. Loyal. Keen to ensure a good team atmosphere.

Maurice van den Hoek primarily assists private equity parties with transaction due diligence. He is also responsible for increasing the professionalization of private equity practice within EY Netherlands. 

He studied Accountancy at NIVRA/Nyenrode Business University and has been working at EY since 1993. He also worked for two years at EY in London, where he gained good insight into the private equity business.

“I ensure trust in transactions. Carrying out transactions just for their own sake? I don’t believe in that. My main question is simply: how does your investment create value and yield? Of course, I help in achieving this. I also give my opinion on the actual situation - including when I advise against making an investment. I’ve noticed that clients really appreciate this. You can expect this honesty from a trusted advisor too.”

How Maurice is building a better working world

“Each transaction is different, and so every day is too. Whether it’s a small or a large transaction. Be it a cookie factory, chemicals business, or an employment agency. I find the variety really motivating. The same goes for teamwork too. Not just colleagues, but clients evolve, too. It’s good to see this.”

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