Rob Belk
Cybersecurity is the business risk of technology for an organization. We must, therefore, find solutions not just in technology, but through the organization itself.

Rob Belk

Principal, Cybersecurity Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Strategic cyber leader for whole of enterprise. Driven by amazing experiences of meaning and consequence. Father, husband, self-proclaimed musician.

A retired United States Naval officer with over 20 years of security experience, Rob is EY’s Cybersecurity Leader for the West Region. In this role, he focuses primarily on the interplay between business risk and technology risk, and the impact of cybersecurity on business strategy for decentralized and federated organizations – particularly in higher education.

Prior to joining EY in 2015, Rob served on the Office of Secretary of Defense staff, and worked to enhance interagency cooperation in order to decrease cybersecurity risk for the federal government. He has spoken at numerous boards and conferences on the topic of cybersecurity governance and is a member of the Board of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence.

Rob earned a master’s degree in Public Policy, International and Global Affairs from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

How Rob is building a better working world

“Cybersecurity is not a technology issue; it’s a business issue that relates to technology. And in fact, an organization’s effectiveness in managing cybersecurity risk is often indicative of the organization as a whole.

My goal is to help the clients see cybersecurity not as a separate, arcane risk, but something that is a reflection of how they run their businesses. Helping EY clients address their cybersecurity concerns then ultimately helps them become better organizations.”

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