Photographic portrait of Simon van Ulden
Thanks to forecasts, we can also offer sustainable solutions. How a supermarket can minimize its waste, or how a factory can make smart use of raw materials. That’s what makes my job so fascinating and worthwhile.

Simon van Ulden

EY Netherlands Partner Consulting

Honest. Reliable. He is always looking for surprising, practical results.

Simon van Ulden helps organizations perform better by working in a data- and insight-driven way. From data strategy to execution, including the rollout of data environments.

He studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has been working at EY since 2016. He has about twenty years’ experience in the field of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, including as the owner of the consultancy firm i3.

“This field never stops changing. New technologies are constantly being introduced, such as machine learning and AI. Initially, we mainly looked back, now we look forwards.”

How Simon is building a better working world

“There is sufficient data, but what insights does it offer you? It lets you know how you can better control the organization. Or understand what clients will want tomorrow or into the future. That’s what it’s all about.”

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