Threat Detection and Response Managed Services

Threat Detection and Response (TDR) Managed Services boosts cyber resilience through round-the-clock monitoring that identifies, contains and responds to attacks and breaches.

Your business challenge

As organizations operate across an expanded digital footprint, they are finding it harder to keep on top of cyber threats endangering IT,  operational technology (OT) and cloud environments. Threat Detection Response (TDR) Managed Services, part of EY Cybersecurity Managed Services, is a holistic, connected solution that helps organizations build resilience against this turbulent cyber landscape in which:

  • Attackers are more sophisticated and organized, finding weak links across an expanded attack surface.
  • A growing technology infrastructure requires connected, “always on” cyber protection.
  • Consequences of high-profile breaches are greater, including reputational damage and destabilized operations.
  • Maintaining and maturing cyber resiliency requires in-demand talent that is scarce and expensive.
  • Continual investment in cybersecurity solutions is simply unsustainable as advancing technology accelerates.

Solution benefits

TDR Managed Services takes a business-focused approach to rapidly identify and remediate risk across an organization’s entire digital footprint. This solution builds resilience and digital integrity by leveraging EY advanced technology, data intelligence and extensive ecosystems to deliver: 

  • Optimized cybersecurity investment, through a streamlined approach that reduces costs; transparent delivery models provide cost certainty, with the flexibility to scale as needed
  • Confidence to focus on the core business, knowing resilience is boosted and malicious activity is identified and disrupted before operations are affected
  • Strategic value and competitive advantage delivered through a technology-based, future-proofed cybersecurity function

Solution features and functionality

TDR Managed Services combines people, processes, data management and technologies to detect, respond and contain cyber attacks before they affect assets. This managed services solution helps enable broad visibility of the attack lifecycle, and is built upon advanced security operations, including automation and analytics, to continually mitigate risks and find new opportunities to boost resilience. The solution includes:

  • Detection of advanced cyber threats
  • Automation and orchestration that enhances the ability to find, hunt and respond to indicators of attacks and compromise
  • Optimized logging of incidents, creation of watchlists and curated threat-centric use cases
  • Reporting and intelligence-based recommendations to better prevent or mitigate cyber attacks

Why EY

Part of EY’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Managed Services  portfolio, TDR Managed Services gives business leaders the confidence to embrace digital innovation – transforming cybersecurity investment into a strategic business enabler that creates competitive advantage.

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