EY Family Business award winners 2019-20 - Finland

Aho Group

Five siblings with a common goal — to restore the Aho family business to growth.

We are delighted to celebrate the recipients of the EY Family Business Award of Excellence 2019-20, an honor that recognizes excellence in family businesses. Congratulations to this year’s winners for Finland:

Antti Aho - Owner and CEO, Aava Terveyspalvelut Oy, Aho Group
Kari Jussi Aho - Owner and Chairman of the Board, Rukakeskus Oy, Aho Group
Ville Aho - Owner and CEO, Rukakeskus Oy, Aho Group
Annakaija Lappalainen - Owner, Aho Group Oy, Aho Group
Miia Porkkala - Owner and Chairwoman of the Board, Aho Group Oy, Aho Group

Family business award winner Finland

Aho Group was founded in 1964 by husband and wife team, Juhani and Eila Aho. They first set up a medical center before moving into the travel sector. Gradually, they added to the growing group of Aho companies. However, when it came to handing over the business to the second generation, the companies were nearly worthless due to a recession and foreign currency loans.

Undeterred, the second generation of five siblings set about restoring the travel and health care companies and has since driven a formidable period of growth. Today, the Aho group’s turnover is EUR 125 million, and it employs more than 1,000 professionals and 600 doctors.

The siblings believe a key factor in their success has been the trust built between them and having a shared common goal. This has enabled them to overcome the challenge of transitioning the company from single ownership to splitting the ownership equally between the siblings. They explain, “We have put a lot of effort to build and agree on governance, rotation, lifetime learning and to positively expose the next generation to the businesses.”

They have also kept alive the company’s commitment to “brave and joyful entrepreneurship, long-term thinking and sustainability.”

Congratulations to all winners

We are proud to feature the stories and recognize the outstanding achievements of these remarkable women and men in pursuing their ambitions and building a long-term, intergenerational legacy. Read more about this year’s winners in the EY Family Business Award of Excellence brochure.


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