Marek Grodziński
SSCs no longer just serve cost optimalization and consolidation of reiterative tasks; they are becoming a significant part of the business model and a catalyst of digital transformation.

Marek Grodziński

EY Poland and CESA Region GBS Consulting Practice Lead

Expert in the area of the design, development and optimization of SSCs as well transformation of the support function. Managed one of the largest BPO organizations in the region.

Marek is the Leader of the Global Business Services Practice in the EY CESA region (Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia), which supports clients in designing, building and optimizing shared services centers. He is also responsible for Intelligent Automation in EY Poland, dealing with the development and implementation of technological solutions designed to automate company processes. Marek has over 20 years of experience in working for large multinational corporations, and he specializes in the transformation of the support function.

Marek managed an over 4,000-thousand BPO organization in Europe and co-founded the ABSL, an association of GBS sector enterprises. Marek is a graduate of the Faculty of Management of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

How Marek is building a better working world

Marek helps organizations to transform their support functions, thus enabling them to focus on their key products and services and to improve their customer and employee experience.

Marek has received the Silver Cross of Merit, awarded to him by the President of the Republic of Poland for his commitment to implementing corporate social responsibility.