How organizations can shape the world of Responsible AI

In this episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast, we discuss the latest generative AI (GenAI) approaches, methodologies, pitfalls and use cases.

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This episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast delves deep into the transformative power of GenAI. Host Susannah Streeter is joined by two professionals in the AI sphere: Nate Harris, General Manager and Global Leader for Data & AI at Microsoft, and Beatriz Sanz Saiz, EY Global Consulting Data and AI Leader.

In today's digital age, being static is not an option. The rapid advancements in GenAI offer innovative avenues for content but come with challenges and societal implications, from misinformation threats to ethical dilemmas.

Contrary to popular belief, the potency of GenAI doesn't necessarily lie in its complexity. While its potential to revolutionize content creation is undeniable, its unchecked growth could lead to pitfalls, making it imperative for businesses to adopt a balanced approach. So, how can we harness the vast potential of GenAI while ensuring its responsible use? What safeguards are in place, and what might the future landscape look like?

This episode aims to unravel these complexities, shedding light on the unparalleled potential and the pressing concerns of GenAI.

Key takeaways:  

  • In a landscape where numerous entities are expressing optimism about responsible AI's future, harnessing this positivity for constructive dialogue and action is pivotal.
  • Establishing robust regulations and safeguards is not merely a consideration but a necessity. Concentrate on frameworks that address both AI's transformative potential and inherent risks.
  • Stakeholders, from tech leaders to policymakers, should prioritize proactive measures in AI governance. If they lag, the void may be filled by less-prepared entities. Embrace evolution while safeguarding ethics.

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Beatriz Sanz Sáiz
EY Global Consulting Data and AI Leader


Episode 13

Duration 45m 15s

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