Giorgia Leoni
I’m excited to help shape the transformation of life sciences companies and help them successfully launch their life-changing products.

Giorgia Leoni

Senior Manager, Business Transformation, Ernst & Young LLP

Helping life sciences companies launch their key assets. Tennis and paddle player.

As one of EY’s biopharma product launch services leaders, and throughout her career, Giorgia has supported leading life sciences companies with the launch strategy of their key assets.

She is passionate about the diversity and inclusiveness agenda and held pivotal roles within the Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA) for several years.

Giorgia earned her BS and MS in Pharmacy from the University of Bologna, and her master’s degree in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy from SDA Bocconi School of Management.

How Giorgia is building a better working world

“While working in the convergence between the life sciences and health care sectors, it’s really important to always keep in mind that we are tasked with improving patients’ lives and their families’ lives beyond business considerations. In order to do this, I keep an open mind and look for win-win results for EY clients by leveraging the organization’s huge potential and assembling high-performing teams.”

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