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Consulting at EY is building a better working world by realizing business transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation.

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The transformation imperative is urgent, challenging and opportunity-rich

Leaders are reframing their businesses to adapt to a new landscape by innovating their business model, elevating their customer experience, and finding new ways to leverage data and technology. This demands a careful balance: sustaining performance while investing in the skills, technologies and resources to accelerate growth and create new opportunities.  

Maximize the success of your transformation

While speed and change are imperatives, businesses can’t afford for their transformation to fail. Those who succeed do more than prosper — they create exponential value that lasts. What we have seen from companies that create exponential value is that they place humans at the center of their organization, leverage technology at speed and innovate at scale

  • Know where to invest your efforts to drive value

    These new drivers of value creation demand a fundamental shift both in how companies reorient to create value and in what they value — agility versus predictability; innovation versus strategic planning; systems thinking versus operating model.

    It’s a transformative mindset that also requires the parallel processing of multiple, interdependent time horizons: 70% of effort now to build a foundation for future growth; 20% of effort on new value propositions and optimizing existing capabilities for 12 months from now; and 10% of effort on exploring completely new and disruptive opportunities for the future.

  • Live your purpose and reframe your future with bold decisions

    In times of change, companies that experience exponential growth take what we call a “future-back” approach. Leading organizations start by asking, “Will my business still be relevant in 2, 5 or 10 years’ time from now? And how can I grow our competitive advantage with bold and informed decision-making?”

    With their purpose as a central guide, they explore the future and their vision, working through future-back scenarios that can flex and adapt, following a path to maintain relevance today — and 15 years from now.

  • EY can turn your transformation ambitions into reality

    Consulting at EY is building a better working world by realizing business transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale form the core of value creation of our Transformation Realized™ approach.

    Transformation Realized can help you enhance your ability to adapt and create more agility in your operating model to deliver inclusive growth to drive long-term value. It can help you understand and connect with customers through richer experiences, and leverage and deploy new technology faster. It can inspire and engage your employees, and help to build the next generation of transformation leaders with a clear and powerful purpose, enabled by productive and engaging cultures. Transformation Realized can also help you mitigate constant threats and remain relevant while developing the capacity for continuous business reinvention and innovation.

    EY has the breadth of capabilities, experience and technologies and a proven track record to turn transformation ambitions into reality. From strategists to designers and engineers, from data scientists and technologists to people advisory, from risk to cyber to tax, EY can guide you through the entire lifecycle of your transformation in a way few organizations can match.

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